Summer is over and we are a good part of the way through the fall season.  What a wonderful time it has been to be in the Mount Washington Valley.  With the leaves changing to beautiful reds, oranges and yellows, the air is crisp with the smell of fall.  The apple orchards have been booming with their abundance of apple varieties as well as cider doughnuts and hot apple cider.  If you haven’t already visited the hay fort at Weston’s Farm or the Corn Maize at Sherman’s Farm you are surely missing on great October fun.

What can be said of hiking, biking and running the trails in the White Mountains this time of year?  It is nothing less than spectacular. AMC offers guided hikes for those who prefer the group experience.  The snow will be covering Mount Washington soon, so now is a great time to climb the rock pile without the winter conditions.  However you should always be prepared for all types of weather when hiking in the whites.

Be sure to visit before the snow begins to fall.  November and early December are wonderful times to visit the valley.

Hope to see you soon.